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About a week ago my A/C started not blowing as cold, now blows cold for a minuet after starting then gets hot. Also seems like in not getting outside air coming in WhEN ac off, it's also just blowing hot. My relay doesn't click when I turn on ac but I assume if it was blown ac wouldn't blow cold even for a minuet. I checked the open close levers/arms under dash. They're hooked up & moving freely. Checked refrigerant level & its @ full charge. Also no leaks... HELP ME.
Well here's my dilemma... I drive a golf mk1 2l 8v turbo, the car was overhauled 2 weeks back... Today I saw my no 4 injector leaking from the rail, so I bought new injector seals and closed it up tight with no leaks! I drove 10km's with it and then I could hear busting noises in my exhaust, it wasn't so bad at first, now its missfiring, but when u floor it, it seems to go smoothly until u back of the gas then it misses again... Please note the car has new cambelt, new fan belt, the coil and everything works, we checked the plugs and even put new plugs ... It ran smoothley at first for like the first 5km's then it started to miss... The car starts on the turn without touching the gas and idles. Only when I press the gas then it starts to miss fire... The injectors can't be blocked since when I really press it, it doesn't missfire anymore... There is a strong fuel smell coming from my exhaust... I'm not sure I
f the car needs to be dyno'd to set the air/fuel ratio again? Please help.
Its fine while driving but as soon as I stop and try to start it again it doesn't ,sounds like there's no petrol so the starter works but it won't start, after being pushed a few meters it barely starts then its fine, its a 1600 carburetor citi golf, also there's a loose ground wiring under the bonnet I notices the other day
Installed NEW H2o pump, Tstat, engine coolant n fan sensor/switch, Now engine overheats (temp gauge over 230deg). Still have no Heater in cabin at full blast... Need help thanks in advance!!!
cigarette lighter,and stereo don't work; i checked fuse,looked for melted fusible links, nothing there; i also took the dash apart, and looked at the back of the stereo, fuse was good, i also looked under the hood, there again fuses were good; i even lubricated the ignition points;however, my mechanical abilities are limited; do to the fact that i don't know how to read schematics;however, this is a work in progress, and this is why i took on this project to learn the electrical end of things. also, i would like to know how to troubleshoot this problem,and what would be the repair procedure? thank-you in advance!
lighter, doesn't work and also the stereo/radio; what is the procedure to get these components working again? ty!
i lubricated the rails with dw-40......ect.
ok i came off an exit ramp shifted threw all gears fine and when i went to shift into 5th my friends knee was in the way and it cought it (was not dogging it) i pulled it back and when i went to push it back into 5th it is in 3rd i continued to drive home in 4th. After this happend i relized if i have it in 1st or 2nd with car off i can push from 1st directly over to were 5th supose to be same thing with second i dont think it was like that before. I drove it 2 days later and still wouldnt go into 5th was driving in 4th but when i came to a stop light n put in nautral felt like i had more slack than normal from nautral to 1st felt like the same slack from nautral to 5th after it went out and when i went to take off in 1st it was in 3rd just as 5th would do so now 1st, reverse and 5th is 3rd and 2nd is 4th. does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?? please reply need to fix asap only vehicle???
I have a 95 VW golf III automatic. the tranny has a problem shifting when i accelerate. this problem occurs every time i drive the car. it will get it's rpm's up too high and when it finally goes to shift, it hits hard and i can feel it hit while driving?
Wondering if it needs tie rods?
The gas cap cover won't open. Neither will the back hatch. I have no manual for this car. Any ideas? Thank-you
driver door doesn't latch when door is closed
My car will run, start up and sputter and die. One thing i know is my cat converter is bad and i was told it could be plugged, but the local mechanics here aren't the brightest here. As i was driving home from work the engine randomly started to cut in and out but didnt fully die but as it idled like i said it sputtered and died. If anyone could help any comments are greatly appreciated!
I was told to go see a "electrician"? because when i try to start my car it doesn't for a while, then when it does the hazard lights go on the radio has to get reset. The speedometer does not work, the check engine is on with the oil light after i took it for its oil change, also the guys at jiffy lube could not diagnostic test? Where should i take my car to get fixed and how much would something like this cost?? Thank You All
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