1994 Volkswagen Golf Questions

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Le support avant est hs faut.ilchanger les trois

timing belt replaced out. its a german spec vehicle.

The vents on the passenger side is leaking and steaming up the windows at 230 temp

Need step by step please. Done this once before on a ford a long time ago.

Where is the thermostat on 1994 VW Golf Diesel CL? I would like to replace it.

as soon as i touch my brake peddle my turn signals stop flashing
can any one help

All lights blink when using a turn signal. thet are a touch dimmer when this happens. it does not happen when i use the brake lights

I had problem with my gears. I send away my gearbox and redone my links and everyrthing. Now my golf doesn't want to go into 2nd gear. All the other gears are fine its just 2nd gear and I can't seem to get it right.

sometimes it works.. sometime it doesnt..

At first it was very low pressure in the 1st gear,yesterday while driving I put it in the wrong gear( i believe it slipped in the reverse gear and it made a loud raddling noise. It will go into gears easy, but it ain't moving at all. Just making the loud noise

the rod that is connected to the side of the transmission and goes to the clutch is broke but we cant find the name for it anywhere and need it to replace. if you know please let me know need fixed soon have a baby..thank you

Hello all. I have recently purchased a sweet Golf frm a privte owner, and the Ignition switch needs to be replaced. My mechanic could not replace the part because of a faculty installed anti theft system that requires a code to be entered at the dealer. The dealer would charge 10 times as much as my Mechanic does to change the ignition swtch and I would like to either remove the anti theft system or obtain it so I can change the part myself. The dealer informs me over the phone that it is "illegal" to remove the anti theft system from the car but I feel that I should have the right to do anything I want with my property.
Any advice on how to move forward from here?

Last week I was driving on the freeway and my car started to tug back, then all of a my car locked, turned off, and the check engine, oil, and battery light came on. Took it to a shop and they couldn't find out what was wrong with it, because their system only can go back to 1996 models. VW dealership said it might be the key? Anyone have a clue cause I'm lost.

I hooked new battery in my 94 golf backwards. alternator fried. got a new one. then replaced coil. still not starting found one fuse able link under the coolant res. its good. Also now the radio will not turn on. checked all fuses under steering column. there must be another fuse some where i am dumping money into it isnt working