1993 Volkswagen Fox Questions

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I bought a 1993 VW polo a few weeks ago and when I got the tracking checked (as the steering wheel is slightly turned left) they said that there is no nut on the drivers side of the tracking rod, which means they cannot adjust the tracking (it is 1 on the drivers back side and 10 on the passengers back side- so really far out).
Does anybody know if this is usual for this/any car or is it just missing? Is there ALWAYS a nut on each side which has to be adjusted?
There doesn't seem to be any sign of recent interference with the tracking rod, so I presume the last owner never got it checked.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
I was told that it is a faulty sensor.What should it cost to replace,and is it an accurate diagnosis?
The fuel resivoir is located in a cradle under rear passenger seat with fuel pump and filter. 1.8 engine
I am trying to replace the belt (#17325) on my a/c compressor but I do not see any kind of tensionor release.
how to fix a rear strut that ripped out from the top
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