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I have a 2003 Eurovan that became a 2004 Rialta. Once I get up to speed, the noise goes away, but when accelerating the muffler is very loud. The muffler was replaced in the last month. I have heard there is a "valve" to keep the muffler from resting on something that may need to be replaced.
Any great ideas?
I bought a 2003 vw eurovan at a police auction, and when I went to pick it up I was told there was no keys for it.this van was seized from a house in a drug raid. wich is where it was left by whoever had stolen it! the ignition cylinder had been broken I just want to know is there a way to bypass this antitheft thing or a way to just wire up a regular ignition, instead of buying factory part from vw?or any type of fix for cheap?
thank you
shifter won't manually shift into lower gears. shifts fine automatically
which sensor controls the spark for spark plug in the engine for the vw eurovan 2003
Below the tachometer
Even after replacing plugs and ignitions coils,the scanner CEL diagnostics code still reads 'random misfire detected on P0300 or P0305'. It then surges, hesitates and shudders when in motion after a stop like after a stop light or in stop n go traffic. My trusted mechanic says it requires replacement of a leaky gasket causing oil to enter the chambers and costs $800. Any advice is welcome.
I'm pretty sure my sweet 03 Eurovan needs a new transmission and I think it's a tricky job to get right so I want a place with some experience with this vehicle to do the job. Can you recommend the best/most experienced shop in the west?
I'm in Marin County, and I have "warrantee" that might cover some/most of the costs in a certified shop.
Can you advise and thanks much,
Verne Stanford
The driver side exterior door handle stopped opening the door from the outside. The inside still worked fine. Shortly after (few weeks) it stopped working on the inside and the locks all engaged. When I try to open the door with the remote key thing, I have to open the car door within seconds or it locks again. I am unable to lift the locks by hand on either side but am able to unlock the sliding door. This all happens whether I am inside the car or outside of the car. So, it is locking me in and it is locking me out!
about a month ago. the can does not come on all the time, and it will flash and beep the go off and maybe not come on for another 10-15 minutes
They want to pull the heads and clean it. This process is very expensive. We only have 50,000 miles and have taken very good care of this van. What would you recommend we do?
Thank you for any help you can provide. We have spend over $2,000 so far with our mechanic trying to fix this problem The engine light came on and that is who we were aware of this problem.
I meant to say that the mechanic told me the tranmission differential had gone bad and so pieces of metal shavings were floating around in transmission fluid. Said it needs a new transmission (to the tune of $6,500!!!) Any ideas?
A mechanic has said there ahas gone bad in my Eurovan 2003. Says it needs a new transmission (very expensive), but should this be true? Another mechanic said the transmission mount was broken? Don't know who to believe? The problem is when I begin driving or start up from a stop sign or wherever, I hear a kind of grinding, rough noise that bothers me.
This problem seems to be random. When in reverse, taking foot of brake will sometimes make it go foreword. When in drive taking foot of brake will sometimes make it go backward. Especially when on a slight slanted grade. Sometimes pushing gas and van doesn't want to move. After a hesitation will serge foreword, or backward, depending on gear. Just had the main computer chip or board replaced. Sorry I don't know the name of it. I was told this controlled almost everything in van and was the problem, but it hasn't fixed it. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I have used this van to tow a trailer that is 3200 lbs empty. So, it is probably close to 4200 lbs when I tow it.
Looks like a solid state driver because with the vent valve electrical connection disconnected I originally could read a +3.5 bias voltage which looks like a base to collector voltage without an emmiter groung return indicating a faulty transistor. Is the control driver internal or external to the ECU?
Oil pan full of carbonized sludge, chain loose, gear worn, oil pump needed replacing, results in a $7,000 bill. Can't you get a whole new motor for that amount. Done at San Juan Capistrano dealership in California.. I am original owner, never overheated motor that I know of, drove only 10,000 miles per year mostly town. please respond to I will sign up.
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