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No warning light. Pull off the road . Turn off engine . Turn back on , hard to put into gear. Nothing leaking ?
After flooring the gas pedal, the engine starts back up and idles really roughly, sometimes shuts off. After a minute or so of revving it a little, the problem goes away. On really hot days it shuts off by itself at intersections when it should be idling. Could it be some kind of vapor lock in the fuel line? Or a computer or sensor problem? The overheat light comes on at erratic intervals, even if the engine is still cold. We replaced the temperature sensor for it already. Also the fan for the air conditioning seems to run fast/slow, fast slow. No diagnostic codes about it, several car mechanics have not been able to find a solution.
It takes forever to fill it up! Any ideas on a cause/fix? The engine light stays on and say it is an "evap" problem
I want to replace the air filter and need to pull the air flow sensor.
drivers side electric window do not go up or down passangers side works i chage switch it works for a week and it broke again thanks for the help.
can someone direct me to some instructions on how to change the ect myself?
Problem originally just happened when we drove up the hill we live on with a full car. A knocking noise would occur and then stop when you let up on the gas. Problem then started to happen at different times in different driving conditions. Most recently the noise would happen when I am on the freeway at speed and the knock would start slowly and then build up to almost constantly. I just had the water pump changed, thought it was that, but problem continues with new water pump.
I replaced the ABS system in the car. The dealer, who has little experience with Eurovans, said it would be very expensive to turn the indicator lights off. Is this true, or is there a reset somewhere?
engine lights ect code dignostic po116
It seems worse in the cold, but the engine seems to crank, but seems like fuel is not getting to engine properly as sometimes the car's starts and immediately stalls, and after about 5 tries would finally start. Now cranking is a little slower. One mechanic suggest battery might be low, but everyday I try this it has enough power to crank 5-10 times, so battery is not dead, but could be low. any suggestions, could it be a fuel filter/pump? But once started car runs smoothly and idle's OK, so problem is only during starting?
I took off the engine cover, and removed the Cabin filter and found the air filter cover and one clip on the lower right rectangle of the cover. Does the hose need to be removed, and can't find any other clips. There is a circular tube on the right side of the cover with some press clips, I tried pressing, but still can't get the cover off, something else is holding it down please help?
I have had mixed replies.
thee mechanics have told me that my broken waterpump could have damaged my timing chain and could need replacement, and or dont have a chain, but just belt and would need replacing due to broken water pump.
to remove the battery, the manual says to remove the battery mount, where is it?

My question was vague...I was actually looking for the battery mount. I called Barber VW in Ventura, Calif. and the parts rep told me that there is a bolt near the front of battery area that when loosed will release the battery for removal. Thanks for the reply!
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