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My running headlights are fine, but when I turn on the headlights for night driving, I get no beams, low nor high. I do have dash lights, side orange lights and tail lights come on. All fuses are good. Since the running lights work, I'm thinking the bulbs are good. Since the other lights come on, I think the switch is good. Is there a relay that might be faulty? I'm not sure what the problem could be. Tnx. for your help. D
Any advice appreciated- where to list, how to find other VW Fans.
Some time is running a little longer then 2 minutes but is running bad. have 150,000 miles OBD- code p0011 is about the Timing Valve control solenoid I woul like to know the location in the pas I change one from a 2004-trailblazer 4.2 that was very easy there is another code about the transmission p0740 I don't care about this code I need to fix the engine firs, to keep it running longer I have to raise it to 1500 to 2000 rpt and then idle with a mish.
any way hope find help also where to buy the part.
Thank you,
Ray or dinoray
light came on and I saw that coolant was low. had radiator flushed and refilled. now level is low again. just how much coolant goes into a eurovan
Hello all,

My 2001gls is idling poorly(if at all). The vehicle is under 60k miles and very clean , Had new plugs installed a month or so ago and it remedied the problem for a bit of time but not long.Wondering if it may bee a consistent sensor or electronic element failure or....? I can nbot drive it to a code reader presently . I apreciate all input .
Thank you ,
V. Wee
The timing chain went at around 50,000 miles. The dealer qouted $4,500 for repair and 1 1/2 weeks. Almost 4 weeks later they presented me with a bill for $6,000! Plus the door handle on the driver side went. That cost me almost $400. I couldn't find either issue in the estimate section.Anyone know if this was truly excessive for the repairs. I'm still angry about the cost of the timing chain. AND...the door handle is broken again.sigh...
Hi, my regular shop diagnosed a fan issue - the heater blower motor assembly needs replacement as the shaft is bent. Should this cost about $900? Their est. included a new VW part - is a cheaper aftermarket assembly a bad idea? Their labor est. is many hours - is this correct? If this is really a complicated job, should I consider taking it to a dealer(closest is serveral hours away!)? Thanks, JRP
changed the battery and the trany,went into limp mode how do i get this to reset
The van has 38,000 miles on it. Took it in for an oil change. Shop mechanic told me that the belt had fine cracks in it. Quoted around 240 to replace. I think the belt is around 60. Can I do it myself?
It shifts slowly from park to drive. Once in drive it shifts fine while you're driving down the road.
I have the Weekender version with the pop-top and little fridge. My fridge isn't working and I thought it might be a blown fuse (30 amp). Problem is that the fuse isn't located where the manual says it should be and I can't find it. It should be under the driver's seat but it surely isn't - and it doesn't look like the picture in the manual. My regular VW repair guy couldn't find it either. Does anyone know where it might be? Thanks
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