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After filling the water tank, I'm able to use the water from the sprayer off the back of the van but the sink will not work. It sounds like the pump is working but nothing comes out.
I recently bought a 1999 vw eurovan camper. I filled the water tank and am able to pump water out the shower sprayer off the back of the van. But I get no water in the sink. The pump sounds like it's working, and I don't see water leaking anywhere. Any ideas?
Running perfect ,then all at once--misfires,random cylinders, and flooding.
This description fits our VW Eurovan 1999. Did this person ever get their's repaired?
Visitor in El Granada, CA on April 14, 2011
Problem originally just happened when we drove up the hill we live on with a full car. A knocking noise would occur and then stop when you let up on the gas. Problem then started to happen at different times in different driving conditions. Most recently the noise would happen when I am on the freeway at speed and the knock would start slowly and then build up to almost constantly. I just had the water pump changed, thought it was that, but problem continues with new water pump.
The lights in the rear located in the Galley section, when I use the test button, nothing lights up. The rear battery appears to have some juice left, as the interior lights in the rear and the water pump for the sink and rear shower area work
The heater/air condition controls do not light up. Are they suppose to? If so, where is the fuse box?
Cold or hot, I'll crank the starter for up to 10 seconds, but it doesn't start. Then when I retry it starts immediately???
Fuses are fine.
The ABS light is on, and a local shop told me the ABS pump needs replacing. I was quoted about $1200 for the total cost.
My Euro Van is a Rialta Camper. It needs a tuneup but the VW dealer will not touch it. How do you acess the plugs to change them
i have a 99 euro van i have a replacment engineas i was tranfering some parts over i had to change the timing chain but i cant figure out how to adjust or what marks if any to use as guide can you help me with this or give installation details
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