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2009 EOS Manual 2.0 Turbo . . .very bad Burning smell . . . Eww
Was Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic … smelled foul (plastic-?-(worse, tho) burning)
Due to location, many other vehicles and that i had recently bought this car---I didn't realize was (probably) my car TIL next morning wen driving, car, shifting gear, but it would not accelerate… had to have tow!
*what* smelled so bad?

HAD vehicle less than 60 days wen happened. Still in shop, gonna fight VW over this–is more to story, but lengthy–
—Consumer Protection Act—
any comments?
I need a manual for a 2009 Eurovan
Car drives well,,but when I shift on reverse, my prnd on my dash board blink, and I can't reverse, it acts like it's on neutral. Today my engine light went on help! I've put too much money into this car. Is,this my transmission failing?
Usually when I open door radio goes off. If I leave key in ign. Ding song will chime. But now? Key no turn to start radio on when technically it shouldn't even be right. And car nonstart top is down
Just got it almost 2 weeks ago. Its been telling me to "service now" oil could use changing but now I'm stick top down and car no starting.
Brakes work fine, but the ABS Brake light is on.
My sure sensor go crazy. One moment it says I need brakes, then it say I need oil , the abs I took to it to a shop and I was told I need a vacuum pump, so not sure what I need
The dealership says it's the wiring harness in the driver's door. Have others had this issue? The part is back-ordered for the month of June, which makes me think I'm not alone in this. And the repair is going to be $1500.
I have multiple warning lights on. About 8 months ago dealership said probably the ABS controlling and hydrolic modules. I opted not to replace ($2800!) and problem disappeared after reset. Now it has returned. ABS light is only part of the warnings... Also check engine, ESP, EPC, power steering assist. Also, speedometer drops to zero at random, convertible top will not function due to "speed to high" when vehicle is not moving, "please refuel" message with a full tank... Weird stuff! I really don't want to spend $2800 to replace the ABS module if that isn't the problem. Any thoughts?
even the gear lever in P i cant take out the ignition key
Hello I would like to know why when I accelerate my car shakes a lot forcing to change gears. I don't like that :( and I just got it few months ago, it's a 2009 volkswagen eos
I had my winter tires taken off and a MAJOR EMISSION SERVICE done on the car. I barely got the car home and the engine light came on. I took the car back and they determined that there was a loose hose…Asked me if I had the car undercoated…I said NO…They reattached the hose.

Yesterday, I drove the car again…it sat since the above…the engine light came on…it is back at the dealership and now they are telling me that the fuel leak detection pump needs to be replaced…due the hose coming off earlier. They are saying that they did not work in the area where this pump is located.
How can the hose get loose? How should it been reattached?
I filled up with a little more than 1/8 of a tank. Reegular gas at a cheap gas station. Drove a bit over20 miles and it started chugging and coughing and choking, hesitating at lights etc. I was told to put in Seafoam and fill it back up with Premium gas. I am trying to run all the gas out. Will this hurt my car? I am now down to right over 1/4 of a tank. What do I do next?
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