2008 Volkswagen Eos Questions

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Blow off valve intake exhaust which one would people recommend to start with
If I put it up slowly, it will stay, but will eeventually go to half open on its own. Even while parked.
bulb on rear view mirror on outside door that blinks when turn signal is activated is out. can't get lens cover off to replace
it stops right before the boot lid swing out part. After it cools down a bit by me driving it, it works just fine.
I have a VW EOS 2008 2.0 turbo that is having air compressor failure and it is at 140, 000 miles in. Due to the history of problems with the air compressor in the EOS are there any discounts available for me for replacing my air compressor?
The window will roll down if using the 4 window button. It will roll up using the individual button, but not down. The lights on the buttons have also been going out.
It has happened once before which required a shop to remove the door and take it apart, then put it all back together. When I pull on the handle, there is no resistance as I have felt before.
Both sides on the convertible top on my 2008 Eos cracked this summer where the rear windows fold down. Now whenever it rains, water leaks in! How is this fixed?
Only the Tom Wood VW service dept has changed my oil and the last time they charged us over $100 to drill a new hole for the oil plug and that was common on the VW. I have never heard of this & think they messed it up & charged me to fix it. Also, they just charged me $52.50 to tell me my key fob was defective--no new key fob--just a diagnosis. Has anyone run into either of these?
I have broken ankle can't remove flat tire to get repaired,replaced. I wasn't driving car when warning light came on but oddly looks like sidewall off rim front driverside tire.set of tires purchased@firestone may have 3,500 miles of use no warranty from firestone. I need peron to either remove tire replace, repair put on car or tow to do this which seems like not best way to do this, I am on crutches told to not put weight on ankle a single 56yr old woman that's friends that would take care of this are on vacation. House bound trapped just want to drive to eat hot meal be waited on.
But goes away when it turns over. Definite hesitation when turning over. Power steering going out? How much to repair?
the dash board keeps blinking
i can get access to it but am not able to remove the bulb from the socket
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