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Our front seat in our Eos 2007 is not moving forward?Help
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
We've noticed that our car is going through 5 quarts of synthetic oil in less than two months. Some is on the drive way but we started noticing the oil burning smell.
Its the luggage cover tray or whatever the name is I don't totally know. All I know is that its the piece that goes over the luggage area so that the top would go into the trunk.
It has oil stains all around the top of the block underneath the engine cover, anybody have a similar problem? Any suggestions on fixing the problem?
I was 1,000 miles prior to needing an oil change, and the notifications came on. I checked the oil and it was BONE DRY. My mechanic informed me I needed a new turbo charger. I had that replaced at a very big cost, however the oil notifications on the dash are still coming on (there is however oil in the engine now when i check it). My mechanic tried replacing the sensor in the case it was faulty, but the problem persists. any ideas why this may be??
I have a volkswagen eos and i tried turning my key in the ignition but it won't turn all the way. So i tried wiggling the steering wheel around but it locked and the key won't turn. I can remove the key out but the steering wheel is still locked and the horn doesn't work anymore. Any advice what could be wrong with this??
I am the original owner of a 2007 Eos. About 2 years ago, I began to notice that the instrument cluster (center LED? display) would flicker and dim or disappear intermittently. This seemed to be a problem when it was really hot outside (90-100). Recently, it has started to occur more regularly and at even cooler temperatures (85 or so). I took it to the dealership and was told I needed to replace the entire instrument cluster!
This car has been garage kept and only has 48K miles! I can't find anything online that says this has been a problem for anyone else.
Wondering if it could just be a loose connection? The part and labor were estimated to be between $1200 and 1500!
One auto mechanic told me this is a "normal hum", but it definitely is not. The compressor is in fine working order, I can still get cold air. It sounds like something may be in the fan unit itself, but I am unsure how to find it and check.
there is a high pitch sound when I drive, dealership told me it was due to high performance tires. other than that I love the car and no other problems.
Window began not to completely close but now will not go beyond half closed nor will it go down. I can hear the motor try to engage but nothing happens.
Need to remove the caliper brackets before the rotors can be removed and replaced. There are two bolts that have what appear to require a 16mm 12 point male bit but want to be sure before I purchase a $30 tool.
what can I do to fix material which has come away from door right near window?
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