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2012 Volkswagen CC (6 Reviews)
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My 6spd manual 2012 CC now has 125k miles on it and going strong. A few key maintenance events outside the typical. Hoping to get another year out of it. I follow the "standard" VW maintenance schedule (but not always at the dealership depending on the services) - 55000, 5/9/13, new Michelin Pilot Sport tires - 73913, 11/22/13, Sudden EPC, rough engine, MIL. Replaced faulty cylinder #2 coil and all spark plugs - 74110, 12/7/13, Sporadic rear lamp function. Replace trunk wiring harness - 81000, 2/20/14, Replace manifold due to vacuum leak, check engine light (under warranty) - 115000, 3/17/15, Replace tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 - 121827, 5/15/15, Sudden EPC and MIL (no other symptoms), high pressure fuel pump parts and labor ($689). Also, front/rear shocks starting to leak per dealership.
I have a 2012 VW CC, which is one year old, and mechanically I have not had any real issues. I did have a tire pressure sensor go bad, but that was repaired. I rotate my tires every 5K and they are wearing perfectly. I have not had to balance the tires as there is absolutely no vibration to warrant that need. In years past with other cars I have had I have had to balance my tires at every rotation. I am amazed with the VW. My real issue has been with plastic on plastic squeaks in the center console. After many attempt so repair my console squeaks, I now have dash squeaks that replace the console squeaks. The squeaks are improved, but not perfect, and I do have concern they will return and might be weather related. If not for these squeaks I'd have a perfect car. If the squeaks return I am going to have to play hard ball on this issue.
Anybody experience annoying rubbing sound coming from front end when vehicle makes left/right turn when the vehicle is wet from rain or other moisture. So far dealership replaced both left/right axles and CV joints and boot. Dealership cannot figure out problem after seven visits to dealership. Oh yeah the car only has 2800 miles on it.
wow most of all problems I hear from you guys makes me feel lucky, I have 1 very annoying issue that drives me up the wall, only because I love my music to keep me sane with all the road rage going on. AM or FM cuts out very frequent like I would be going through tunnels like Lawrey Tunnel in MPLS Minn. this happens any where anytime no tunnels in sight. VW Burnsville has replaced whole radio and power booster. no change and VW believes it station problem!!I have a 2012 VW CC lux model. any suggestions ??
i have taken this car with only 3000 miles to the repair shop(dealership) 7 times because the freon leaks out and hot air comes out of the dash board vent. I was told that they will not replace the ac...i just have to wait for it to run its course and eat through all the hoses which they are happy to replace. Love the car but very dissapointed so far in customer service
I have the VW CC 2012. I purchased it last summer in September. It's now July of 2012 and the air conditioning system has failed TWICE. Our dealer has been great on the repairs. I believe the freon is leaking out and the cause is a leaky valve. Has anyone else had this problem or their new CC VW? There have been no recalls on the car as far as I know.

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