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2011 Volkswagen CC Reviews and Owner Comments

2011 Volkswagen CC
3 Reviews
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2011 Volkswagen CC Owner Reviews (3 reviews)
  • 2011 Volkswagen CC
    , Georgetown, TX, May 21, 2014 13:48
    I have had my 2011 VW CC and I am now over 80,000 on it. I brag about my CC as the most reliable, dependable car I have had. I plan on buying another. Sure there were minor issues on the way but maybe its the dealership and the way they handle their customers that I remain with my CC and the service department at the dealer. I plan on keeping her a little longer. Its a shame that we never know what we get with a car but I lucked out with this girl. Always complimented with her!
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  • 2011 Volkswagen CC
    , Buffalo, NY, November 23, 2011 17:37
    After - Reading and Thinking about all the Idiots - that don't Look after Their Car in the Proper Manner ! I Thought I'll Ad some Insight . 1. First Always have VW do all the Aligments and Adjustments in the First 15,000 miles Period ! 2. Always Torque the Wheels Lighter then Recommended , Why ? Look It Up there is a Difference between Tq. Dry & Tq Wet = Grease You better have Grease on all Hubs ,Behind all Rotors Hats, and all Lugs. 3. If the Rotors are Warped and Your Pads still have 55% - which My Pads do at 70,000 miles Your Rotors are Cover ! Why ? As they are Engineered to NOT WARP ! / Got It ! 4. If Your Battery Died it's only because Grounds and Battery Clamp Straps Loosened Up ! Why mostly all the Heat & Cooling Cycles ! Period - Then When You go to get a Battery Checked Out The Tech is More then Happy to Remove the Battery from Your POCKET - Idiot ! Why ? Don't Believe these Service Writers ! 5. Tires - like most Disposable items that come on Cars today - those Parts are not the Best - so Get Great Tires as there Cheap Insurance - My Conti's Exstreams DWS all seasons went 50,000 miles and I got 1 alignment ( New ) & 2 Rotations during Life . 6. Plugs - Best Plugs $40.00 Bucks and Did those Myself ! VW CC - VW wanted $175.00 --- LOL
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  • 2011 Volkswagen CC
    , Forest Hills, NY, May 10, 2011 05:00
    While I love the peppiness and look of my CC, I noticed (and included it in my JD Powers Survey) that the car very occassionally "hesitated" on acceleration. It happened while merging into traffic from on-ramps at about 0-5mph trying to merge. Car would halt momentarily and then jerk forward. The first two times it happened, it immediately corrected itself. I took it in to the VW dealership for it's first check and they couldn't find anything wrong. Next incident happened a month later and was far scarier, the car jerked to a stop 3x on acceleration to merge and I almost got hit by another car. Made an appointment to bring it in, but before my appointment, I was stopped at a red light and the car stalled when I tried to go when it turned green. Subsequent attempts to start the car were successful, but the car stalled every time I tried to put the car in gear. It's currently at a dealership and they can not identify the problem though they have repeated the symptom. The car was purchased new, with 2 miles on it, and currently has a 3889 miles on it. This is why I can't rate the drive train, engine or electrical at this point.
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