2010 Volkswagen CC Questions

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When im at a complete stop my car jumps and then when its time for me to go the act like it dont want to accelerate

changed ignition coils and cam sensor. code po016. i am thinking timing chain loose. Any ideas?

these postions are not listed in the owners manual. Also there are no contacts in position f45 which manual lists as fan fuse with a 20a fuse. 38 exists with a 40a fuse

I've researched what the Bluetooth signal should say which is "VW PHONE". Not sure if it's broken or I'm just doing it wrong. Please help!

It was working fine ,but now blowing hot air.

I recently updated the map software and now the rear view camera is dead. The outer lid still operates but the camera gives ma a "not available" prompt. Any ideas??

I am ready to buy a car and have narrowed it down to these 2 cars. Each car has its pros and cons, and I am receiving mixed message from all the people around me that are helping me find a car. Can anyone on this forum help as to which car is the better buy for value, reliability, and cost of repairs?

Continental (Conti-Seal) tires...all 4 "cupped" interior side - no other wear on tires (feathering, bulging, etc) 30,000 miles. Dealer says it's an alignment issue (based on visual wear of tires); independent source checked alignment and said no alignment required. Checked suspension and everything is fine. Suspect this is a tire issue?