1999 Volkswagen Cabrio Questions

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It is lose and not connected any longer to anything. What do you think for repair fees?
have checked everything.still not working
I only drive the car in the summer hence abs is not needed is there any harm in disconnecting the system.
I pulled over and parked, went to start it back up and it wouldn't start. I tried starting after it cooled down but still nothing. I have a full tank gas. All my fluids are good. And its not the battery. Any ideas?
might not have even tried it before now, mid-summer.
Turned the engine on and the "check engine" light is on now. It's sometimes missing when i start from a stop. Do you suggest driving at a high speed to reset the engine light? Also how do you know if you need transmission fluid?
Seems this car is going to be alot of teouble. Just bought it for my daughter o take to college and I may have bought a money pit!Any suggestions on anything ro do to these cars to het best results for driving
I used only water until I could buy coolent. Did this possibly cause more damage? I like in Florida where it is very hot. And hoses are old indeed. He much will it cost to purchase ALL new coolant hoses as well a a new Coolant Well ( ball shape) The light on my dash detailing it WAS indeed a coolant problem. So I put water in it. But I continued to drive on it after the light went off on the dash after putting in water. I then purchased coolant. And now it all runs out and leaks only when I'm driving. Yesterday, it just showed the engine getting hot for the first time, so I pulled over. Let it cool down. Put water in it and drove 12 miles home immediately.
after starting the car the break light does not go off and the heat doesn't turn on and the lights wont stay on why does this happen in the cold?
When I turn key nothing doesn't even try to start. battery ok lights ok.
Continues if relay is removed
She was just driving along and it backfired. This is the first time it has happened
the car starts and runs but the engine shakes... it does have some power especially when im driving 40 and over... but the start acceleration is slow at first
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