1997 Volkswagen Cabrio Questions

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because i put new fuelpump and new relay and it wount go on. it does like to start but it wount. what else i can check
Only happens every once in a while but mor often
So I went to start my car last night and it made a rough grinding noise and kind of sputtered when it finally cranked. It did this twice last night and then today when I went to go somewhere it did it again but instead of grinding then turning over it made the noise and won't start. Any ideas as to what this could be. Have fuel to the engine, have spark as well, new plugs fuel pump is cycling, I precious had my starter seize up and I tapped it with a mallet and it started working again. Could this mean my starter finally has gone out?
how is the condenser cooling fan(presumably) powered? the main engine radiator fan has an electric motor. the one on the passenger side does not.
What way do you turn the key to open the trunk?
Does the water pump have a plastic impeller?
The car just died on the freeway its a 1998 2.0L VW CABRIO changed the spark plugs,distributor and coil still nothing someone suggested cam position senor but i don't know where that is also need to know if its a throttle body i can see fuel coming out of the fuel plenty but i don't know if its the right presure
Burped air but no coolant circulating.Pump looks intact, no noises, leaks, impeller is intact. Could water pump seem good but have impeller spinning on shaft?
The car runs fine after the sun comes up and it gets closer to noon, but won't start in the morning. Sometimes it will fire up and run for 5 or so seconds, and then quits. I had the fuel system checked and the mechanic says that it is an electrical problem that he is not equipped to deal with. He told me to go to the dealer, but I am worried about the cost. Has anyone else had this problem? There is also an intermittent "check engine" light as well, but this pre-dates the start up problem.
The temp gauge goes about half way but the temp light is flashing. The reservoir appears to be cracked.
what type of gas should i be using?
all the time

My Cabrio makes the alert sound - Beep,boop,beep - Beep,boop,beep - It Sounds like La Cucaracha when you first put in the key to start it.

This morning it didn't stop.
It keeps beeping and booping but sounds like it's under water. It's annoying to say the least
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