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my a/c blows air but no cold air what refrigerant do i use?
happens just about every time I take it out, but it starts right up again
It was raining.I turn the switch to get them to go slower they stopped in mid motion in the middle of the windshield.
I have an issue with my Cabrio. At start up up I gotta put my foot on the gas pedal to fire it up. I also gotta hold it on there till it idles right. It idles weird at start up as well, it'll go up and down. After it idles and runs right if I leave to soon and go to a stop sign or stop in general it'll try to shut off unless my foot is on the gas pedal. If I pull out on a hill it wants to shut off as well. And while I'm driving it jerks back and forth till I get the gas pedal to a certain point or if the RPM's are higher. If I get on it the car will really jerk back and forth bad. If someone can help me, I'd GREATLY appreciate it. I can't figure out what's causing it.
when cold starting car acts normal. It will drive normal till it starts to warm up and then loses power and stutters to where I have to down shift (manual trans) and not try to go over 60 mph! After temp get to 220f it seem to settle down a bit but is still sluggish. Replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, distributor. replaced vacuum hose(1/4 in) from air box to intake. Flushed radiator and added new coolant. Checked cat for flow, that was good. try to hook up diagnostic and no codes but the tach and speedo only work when it is cold. Once it warms up and I try to start it, the speedo is dead and the tach jiggles at 0 and will not respond.
the car was sold as is it drove ok not going over 35 mph. The new owners drove it away going faster and farther and the car broke down on them, saying it was smoking and spewing. They demanded their money back and now my car doesnt move. What happened.
I just bought this used car. As I was driving it jumps into neutral ( maybe hit a bump), did this 3 times within an hour.. but it tends to not want to go into park or while in neutral I can still push gas pedal and it goes. I want to know IF this is the problem. A man looked at it and said the cable was stretched a bit.
this happened a little after i got a flat and changed out the tire. the odd thing is that the sound gets faster as the car goes faster.when i changed the tire i noticed it only had three lugs, i don't think this would have a big impact since it was already running with three previously and had no problem before.
Put new timing belt,water pump,T-Stat,but still no hot heat,it will blow luke warm air but no heat ,guage shows over 190 after running for twenty min,still no heat,dont know if codes can be pulled on this year,also used prestone antifreeze at 50/50,dont know if thats bad or not ,since car is so old. Help please ???
i changed the exhaust manifold, but it rattles, my egr malfunction code is up with the check the engine light,are they related? if not, my egr got so hot oil came out of it, and i think its fried
i replaced my 95 cabrio engine with a 96 jetta
Put $30 worth of shell gas into the car, ran fine b4, started to miss will not accelerate, rpm are thru the roof while changing gears cannot get to MOOOOve like it use to. Bogging down. granted not used much. Any ideas, sparks plugs, distributor, bad gas have a clue
No heat. Temp is normal. And fluids are full. I just bought the car and no nothing about it.
Missing the lid for the fuse box, I need to know which fuse is for tail lights etc., and where they go and for the large fuses.
Why would my 95 VW Cabrio stall after refuling? The last two times I refueled (the car was near empty) the car started and ran 200 - 300 yards before it stalled. This has happened in the past before and if I let the car sit for several hours it started up and ran fine. This time as I tried to get it to run the check engine light came on and the exhaust had a strange / bad smell. I let the car sit over night and it started and ran fine and the check engine light went out. Any ideas why this might be happening?
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