2002 Volkswagen Beetle TDI Questions

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thinking about getting a volkswagen beetle from a friend that has 215132 mile on it.A lot of miles but for 1000.00 is it worth it?Great shape.
Car was taken to a repair shop for an oil change. the drain plug was not properly installed and the oil leaked out. Car was driven for 10 miles before engine shut off. Engine still runs but extreme lack of power.
I have a 2002 Volkswagen TDI. I left it idling with the air conditioner on went into the store, when I came back out the vehicle was dead, when I turned key on all the lights on the instrument panel were flashing, and the battery was dead, so I got a jump drove directly to NAPA auto parts, pulled battery out and checked it on their machine. Checked it out it was low so they charged it for one hour, put the battery back in, and it started up, drove it home but by the time I got home all of the instrument lights were flashing. I put my tester on And that diagnostic code came up with PO 228 and P1146 and PO 402. SO I took the car to another Guy, and he said that the battery was bad, so they gave me a new one, the car ran great tell the battery went dead again. So I got a drain from somewhere maybe you can help. Thanks Johnny
My 02 TDI New Beetle automatic has 67000 miles on it is driven less than 3000 miles per year. The only major repair was for a fuel injection pump failure. (Not an inexpensive proposition.) Otherwise all has been great and rarely to I get less than 30 mpg in town driving.
It is a Beetle.
the gear shifter seems loose and not wanting to change properly into 5th and 6th gear. no noise with transmission
Had my oil changed no problem then noticed oil spots on my drive way. I have been told it is a seal. Is that a big deal to fix and is it expensive. I love my bug. it has almost 200,000 miles on it and has been the best car ever.
sporadic problem misses under power changed fuel filter twice no help any suggestions
I just bought a 2002 New Beetle TDI. So new to me that its still on its way to my house via my boyfriend driving it. He is really good at fixing car problems once we know what the exact problem is. What I know is that according to the dealer that we bought the car from he had the transmission replaced but was still getting the code P0740. From what I have been able to find out this sounds like it is the ASV Stolenoid. Does this sound right. At lower speeds it shifts ok, not the greatest, but once it hits 4th it really has a hard time shifting. Is it ok to drive for another 430 miles until he gets it home to work on it or should we hire someone on the way to try and fix the problem. Also could it be related to relay 109 which I know can cause several errors and may be triggering this one. Any advice and help would be great in this matter. Thanks to all who are able to answer my question.
Trying to change the thermostat, book says it is on the bottom at the end of the lower radiator hose. Doesn't sound correct. Please advise.
Checked all fuses, replaced battery and starter.
is it totally unheard of to have your transmission fluid be so bad that they recommend cleaning and replacing fluid/filter then driving some then doing it a second time? the volkswagen dealer quoted me ABOUT 400. the independent shop that has my car said it would be 550 for two flushes and the diagnosis (essentially 445 for two flushes).
do most shops replace all of the needed components when changing the timing belt: water pump, tensioners, etc.... is $1000 too much or is that a good price given it's a time consuming job? do most shops purchase the kits?
how hard is it to change spark plugs.
What is the recommended mileage for replacement of the timing chain.Thanks Patty
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