2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI Questions

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Don't seem to have power to fuel pump. While being turned over, there is no fuel coming out of the pump and I have no power to the pigtail at the pump. With it being a two wire plug, is it strictly for the fuel level sending unit?
Obd2 connector does not work at all.
first diesel and turbo owned no clue
Where is the fan located and what do I check?
and to get inside door panel off. Window went half way down then stopped..made noise but would not go back up.--first time this
i just got this car and would like to know if it is possible to install a block heater or an inline heater
replace sender in the fuel tank.I got fuel coming out fuel filter. But cant get the fuel to come out of the fuel pump injector
about 6 motnhs ago i had a re con gear box fitted, recently i went to drive my car to a petrol garsge when i realised that my car wouldnt actually go anywere in certain gears , i had someone put a bolt on the engine mount or dog mount and it has given me back 1 to 5th gear but when it is put in reverse it is almost like its in 1st and goes forward the man also said that my engine has actually been pushed upwards, and everything seems really stressed i havent had a crash or didnt hear any noises when this happened just stalled the car it seems a bit of a mystery to be honest what can i do?
on the driver side only the electric window control for both passenger and drivers sides as well as electric door lock with remote control on drivers side and indoor light dome automatically going on and trunk latch are not working, drivers side only.
the motor will zew over, but not crank, there are no leaks in fuel or oil, everthing else seems to work, it just won't crank.????
1.9l the beetle will not go more then 55mph
intermitant turbo failure
My anti theft lock on the door will not turn off,when I use the key to unlock the door the lite stays on and the alarm will sound if I try to start it.Please help , only car I have.
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