2012 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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2nd air injection fuse number??
Can I fix it or do I need mechanic? How much is the part? Also how much would a dealer charge to fix it ?
drove it 2 days ago and it was fine.
This just happen today; the car will not start. My car s keyless
idles fine just dies after 3 seconds or so
Help! I'm reading all different things on-line. What is going on??
In my story my character smashes into a pole. The owner of the car decides to teach the character how to fix the car.

"It seems to me Miss Gardner you like to break cars into tiny humpty dumpty pieces so I am going to teach you how to put all the pieces back together again"

My question is how would he do this? What steps would it take to repair the bug?

Thank you.
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