2009 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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High beam doesn't come on now head lights don't work at all
Most start car every day. If it sits 2 days the car will be dead. What could be draining the battery?
When I turn on AC it gets cold had checked for leaks and it is fine It I turn the dial to outside air it blows fine but when I turn to inside air the air is not coming inside like it used to the blower is working
My check engine light came on with the code P2181. The guy who checked it out said to check the coolant level and he turned the light off. When I checked the coolant level, its fine. It's not below the minimum line at all. Could the problem have anything to do with my transmission? Because I do know that my transmission fluid needs to be changed.
Replace the alternator
When I push the button on the key fob, there is no click or release of latch for the trunk. Neither is there when I use the release on the inside of the car. We have crawled in the trunk via the back seat and cant seem to find a handle or lever to manually open the trunk. Nor is there a place to put a key in and open it. HELP!!!
my windows on 2009 vw beetle hatch back both quit working at the same time checked fuses and breakers even door switches still don't work
after sitting overnight in garage. don't see any leak, not overfill or spillage. new cap installed and no check engine light. not constant but is concerning
Is car okay to drive for awhile? $1100 to fix... Only sign that something was wrong is the emissions light came on...
it is extremely high cost to replace regulators for the 2009 beetle. i was quoted over 94.00 for the part which is the kit 100 dollars for the labor. the back seat has to be removed to even get to the problem i was told that would take atleast 4-5 maybe 6 hours labor. so the total cost woule be 600+ Tax for a window to work properly. plastic covering of the window is looking better and better.
When the moisture entered into the hatch light if shorted out other electrical lines; 2nd. time in one month.
89000 miles and purchased used only had for 7 weeks. This occurred twice a week and is still ongoing. Have to reset it by turning the key in the driver door and reset sensors!
I have replace both bulbs in the headlight. I have checked the fuses. The light still won't come on. Why?
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