2008 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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Looking at a BV 2008
Has 155000 miles
I’m not sure if mileage is too high
Please help! First time buying a car
My car was running fine until someone stole the battery replaced with use battery now car starts but want stay running
Sputters when Accelerating from stop also when braking. Not a smooth start from stop, sort of sputter. Engine sounded a bit odd ideling. Just had full service last month
Took car to 3 different shops and had defaults codes scanned no came up but engine light is on. Can't go thru emissions testing with it on.
no one wants to touch this car . why ?
the last place replaced the oil plug? can you please tell me if u do know of a shop in tucson,Az
How you release this connector?
I'm reading about these "vipe SmartStart" apps and want to know more. Also, does a shop in my area put these in ?
Cool now it's just blows hot air A/C clutch & Compressor are working full of freon what's wrong
My lights come on when I start the car which I like is this common in 2008?
The button started not working and I was using a tool to push to open, the it didn't work like that anymore. So recently I used a little screwdriver and it pushed inside and I can't get it out and it won't work. I'm sad I can't use my convertible top. Can someone help.
Cannot charge phone both plugs not working
I just got home and pushed the button to put my top back up and nothing is happening. Is there a manual override or some other way to get the top to close? We are supposed to get rain soon so I need some ideas ASAP
I have replaced the MAP sensor, It initially had a leaking pipe which i replaced too but the car error wont go.

Before replacing the leaking tube, it had issues like jacking and hard start which seems not to be there now but the error is very persistent. Any advice?
how do your replace the latch handle, can't figure how to get clip in to secure the latch handle to release the hood. The original sheared off.
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