2007 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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The problem is constant. Replacing the bulbs doesnt help and the fuses are good.
My manual says fuse #41 but a number of on line info says fuse #42. Which is correct and how many amps should the fuse contain?
I was told tuneup varied from car to car. My mechanic suggested I google what my beetle would need for a tuneup.
There were no signs before going out to find my car would not start. Can eventually get the engine to start if the key is held in the first position, listen for the clicks, before actually starting it. Then when driving it to repair, the dash was going bonkers. They did a diagnostic and nothing came up. Thought a critter got in the engine (signs of a feast of nut shells) but after checking all the wires, all is still in good condition.
There is still a light on but it is very very dim. Do I need to change whole headlight fixture or just a bulb.
My car will start and run but it stutters and the acceleration isnt right. I took it to a shop. They didn't give me the codes from the diagnostic machine. However they did overcharge me. the sparkplugs were replaced and the MAF was cleaned. I'm trying to figure out which part to buy. Can you help?
I had it towed to what was a recommeded auto shop, verified by this and that, They told me they would run an diagnostic test on it that would be $75.I also told them I had a slow lwak in rear tire that needed to be repaired. I agreed....358.78 later. I have no recored of service code from machine, 26.00/ea X 5 sparkplugs replaced at labor cost 107. 6$ for fuel put in car and then they charged 20.00 to replace slow leak! Can I call them to get codes from my car. and is there any legal remedy....OH YEA!!!....They told me the fuel pump was out and that would be $1200.00 !!!! The car will start and run, I dont believe them. I am not driving it at present. What could be other possible problems. I'm just a girl and dont know alot about cars, but I do know that is a crazy price
Accidently had energy drink spill off roof of car and onto car lock on passenger side while window was down..Lock is aticking and not unlocking..Anything we can use or do to fix this ourselves without going to dealer to pull door apart
I recently wrecked my 2007 beetel on the back passenger side.
Their is a fluid line located their that I noticed broken due to the wreck, I would like to know how important this is to my car. If it will cause any type of damage if I countinue driving it without fixing it right away.
Thank you
My car started idling back and forth yesterday afternoon I was getting ready to trade her in for a newer car. It would only do it at red lights and while in park and in nuetral. A guy told me to put a gas treatment in it (seafom) because I told him that no new light came on just the same one and that light was on because i have a whole in one of my hoses. Could someone please help me.
The car lurches when start from a stop.
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