2005 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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After you are at a stop then hit the gas a long beep comes on then stops and then it doesn’t come back on again until you stop then hit the gas again but it stays off if you are moving
After you start the car even for 30 seconds the fan stays on but only one fan spins
This car has 2 fans and only one works
This engine was replaced before got it
I have never had a convertible top and when we put it down, it does not lock into place. It also will not come by up. We have to bring it back up manually. Where is the lock down button or mechanism.
Jerk when it is put in reverse but it wont go backwards an when i drive forward it jerks in slow speed an wont change gears.
I have three cooliant leaks, under the resivoir, under the flange and one toward the front under the clean air filter ( i think) , I have been patching and running coolant through the system on 5-10 minute drives trying to pinpoint any other issues before i make a move on parts. if its from that corner, is it a gasket issue?
A brief, almost goose-like honk sounds off intermittently when the engine is idling for more than about 5 minutes ... was told maybe a belt ... ja?
You cannot see out of the rearview mirror with the top down because it does not lay flat on the vehicle and it buzzes and beeps when you're driving with the top down
When i start my car and drive it for a awhile and turn it off at nite i have to jump it off before it'll start.
When I turn the key, it "sputters". The dash lights come on, the digital clock comes on, the headlights come on.
The alternator is indicating that it is putting out enough voltage, and the battery is as well.
My convertible top stopped working while in the down position so I manually put it up following the instructions in my owners manual. Ever since then the alarm goes off when I go from a stopped position and I'm wondering how to disarm that alarm so the temperature shows again and so that I don't go MAD! I live on Maui and can't find anyone that can fix it for me.
It looks like the locking mechanism is not moving into the lock position. You can pull the red string and the locking mechanism moves back a little.
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