2003 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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I'm replacing spark plugs need to know the gap recommended.

Why am i hearing like air pressure is filling up.. or maybe its leaking

Been replaced still leaks same spot what else can b wrong

Been replaced 3 times keeps leaking same spot everytime what can it be

Car was running fine. Made a quick stop when I got back in car won't go over 15mph. ?..

airbag light always on

I bought a new car for the winter cause the bug is not good in the snow it sat and when we went to move it and I was totally blown away it was full of mold I have twins that have lung problems and now can not be in this car I love my car but am pissed that this has happen. I called my insurance company and they wanted to give me 1.75 for my car I told them they were freeken crazy I want this problem resolved and I am now looking to replace all the seats and carpets which I can not afford to do please help

Replaced due to damage to the fan blades on one of the fans. Should I replace the entire cooling fans assembly or only the actual damages parts?

coolant is always full, engine oil is full

It has loss of power. The codes p0103,p0638,p0221,p0507,p0118,p2181,po420.

Ac and coolant fans not working replaced water pump,fan control module,temp sensor, fan control switch on radiator checked all fuses both inside and on top of battery tested fans with jumper both working with jumper what else could it be

Basically she decided that she just no longer would get into reverse. Tried to shift her and while the manual shift shifted into the right position, she wanted to go forward. The stick seemed kind of mushy, though, like it wasn't catching something properly down there

Put on new
Plugs and new fuel enjectpr