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I have a 03 new beetle auto 1.8T just had timing belt service done. went to start and started right up but rough idle and noticed a little smoke come out of pipe when first started. I asked the mechanic if the timing was set perfect and he showed me pictures showing it was, not it is hard to start , rough idle, check engine light is on, EPC light on and another one with circle yellow, codes P0237, P1592,P1337,P1633,P0102 show up. don't know if coincidence. it did act up about a month ago would not start and found was fuel pump relay so replaced it with OEM and fuel pump and filter. also a few days ago it didn't want to start right away took a couple of tries
A few weeks ago the EPC light came on but the car was running fine. Sat in a drive thru for a while and the car started over heating took it home put antifreeze in it hasn’t over heated since but now the check engine light is on. Car runs fine but the power steering reservoir is shaking when car is on.
We keep hitting the bottom of the car on our brick driveway.
I bought a 2003 beetle for my 16 year old daughter to learn to drive on. I know nothing about cars.
I took it to the dealer for a “bumper to bumper” safety inspection. Of course they came back with a list of things that need to be done. So they put that list in order “importance”
The passenger side door does not lock with the remote. We have to push the button down from the inside to lock it. They told be that both door latches need to be replaced. They said the door latch on the drivers side controls lots of other functions. And if we replace that one first. It might fix the passenger side door. Then we wouldn’t need to bother with the passenger side.
I am trying to find out what else does the drivers side latch control? Trying to see if it is nrssasary. They said it controls lots of things and needs to be replaced for $498 plus tax each door?
Thank you. I am a new beetle owner and a mother of a new 16 year old driver. So I want to make sure she is has a safe running car

Top is clearly fastened properly but the alarm still constantly sounds when moving from a standing stop.
When closing soft top the passengers side will start going up to close the drivers side I have to have someone to give it a little help to get it going...
Emissions on a vw 2003 bettle
I'm replacing spark plugs need to know the gap recommended.
Why am i hearing like air pressure is filling up.. or maybe its leaking
Been replaced still leaks same spot what else can b wrong
Been replaced 3 times keeps leaking same spot everytime what can it be
Car was running fine. Made a quick stop when I got back in car won't go over 15mph. ?..
airbag light always on
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