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This has been about the 4th or 5th time it has happened since I purchased my used beetle in 2013. The window makes a grinding noise when rolling down, then eventually stops halfway. When you try to roll it up, sometimes it will roll up a little, sometimes it will fall down a little, or all the way. This time, I was on my way to the imports shop, ran over a railroad track and the window fell all the way down (the day before, my boyfriend was able to push it up with his hands so because we anticipated rain). This has never happened before where the window would fall down in the middle of driving, only when trying to roll the window up. Why is this happening? What is the underlying issue? The car runs pretty well for it being this old and has pretty good mileage. But the window....omg. I'm putting so much money into it for it to keep breaking? Is it a regulator or motor problem? Why is buying a new one every time still causing a problem? I just bought a brand new one a year ago.
I left the car running for an hour and it started running rough like its starving for gas but ive change thw plugs and filter trying to figure out why its runs good for an hour and then starts running bad its an 2002 VW beetle 2.0 non turbo
Have a 2002 turbo that starts knocking like a diesel after it gets warm. Have an oil light that comes on just prior as well. Have not been able to check oil pressure at this point. Oil levels are good. Have had a knock sensor code at one point but has not come back on. Might this be a timing belt that is ready to go or tensioner that not keeping tension once it’s warm? I have an audio of the noise but can’t post on here. Once the noise has started, I have shut it off and let it cool down. Once it’s cooled, it will sound better again before it starts making the same noise.
Couldn't get my car to stay started. Starts and shuts itself off. Took it to the dealer, they said "Cluster." So they replaced it for $1k. I get it back. It works for a few hours before it starts shutting itself off again.. only intermittently this time. 2/3 of the time, it wont register my key as legitimate. Finally, 6 months later, it doesn't matter if the immobilizer light comes on in the dash or not, it shuts itself off. Take it back to the dealership. They say "It's the ECM, must replace. $1200 for part ALONE, OR you can unplug the battery and replug every time to get it to start." So I say "Deuces" cuz I found the part for $120 on EBay. Matched the number and everything. It's "used." Call the dealer to see if they can reprogram it if I have my dad install it. They say DONT DO IT. It'll lock down my car PERMANENTLY. Say this works with 05 or better. Mine is 02. I'm not sure they're being honest. I've called another dealer, but they ref'd me to VW who will call later.
epc light on the dash board comes on and car loses power how do i fix it
The 2002 beetle does not have a key entrance under the emblem on the trunk. The manual release on the door and the key will not open my trunk. The dealer charged me $400.00 last week and replaced the trunk latch (clearly, that wasn't the problem).
They also gave me a quote of $2880.00 to fix the heater core (which I cannot afford right now).
Please help,
2002 vw beetle
The sun visor is SO small
They key wasn't working. The chip wasn't being read. Took it to a dealer and they say there's no connection with 'the cluster' and that it'll have to be replaced at the cost of slightly over $1000.

Is it really THAT expensive? Is that really a plausible answer or are they yanking my chain to extort me for more money?
Is there a switch I can buy
wont go into 3rd (mechanic special )
What is causing overheating every time we drive it
Spoiler engaged (went up) when I exceeded 60 mph. However when I reduced the speed to 25 it did not return to the original position that it should have.
We ran out of gas and since added gas and the car still won't start
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