2002 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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2002 vw beetle
The sun visor is SO small
They key wasn't working. The chip wasn't being read. Took it to a dealer and they say there's no connection with 'the cluster' and that it'll have to be replaced at the cost of slightly over $1000.

Is it really THAT expensive? Is that really a plausible answer or are they yanking my chain to extort me for more money?
Is there a switch I can buy
wont go into 3rd (mechanic special )
What is causing overheating every time we drive it
Spoiler engaged (went up) when I exceeded 60 mph. However when I reduced the speed to 25 it did not return to the original position that it should have.
We ran out of gas and since added gas and the car still won't start
Runs well most of the time but will cut out while driving does not stall out
When I start the car I hear a grinding at the rear spoiler like gears are not going together, but it stays in open position. I cannot find switch in car! Help!
Started doing this 2 weeks ago, but eventually started. Now. starts and then stops. wont take fuel
I had a diagnostic done at Auto Zone and it said the bug misfired and the fuel injector missed... I need to know what needs done next.
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