2001 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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Hi, I just purchased a 2001 beetle.
The speedometer is not working.
I don’t know what happen.
The gas and the tachometer both work.
Any idea since on what could be causing this?
hearing a knock sound like something is loose under the back side of car maybe between the rear tires.The sound can be heard when driving on the road but becomes louder when going over a speed bump.
Car worked fine when i test drove about 20 mins in thé car power for the egine wasnt working the music and lights were still on but the car died and i had to get boosted 5 more times in the matter of ten mins
That shows fuel , oil usage
It has no lights on the inside replaced fuses what else could be wrong
I decided to work on a beetle for s friend. She told me it was a fuel line that got damaged while new fuel pump was installed. Well i fixed the line and now the car wont start. I have fuel to the fuel rail and the spark looks good. Any ideas?
My car accelerate very slowly sense last week
Both back floorboard hare wet where could it be coming from.
Neither turning signal works.
My car is a manual transmission and when its on it dont let me engage the gears i think its the clutch but i wanna know for sure its that
the lock on the drivers door does not work, and I have 2001 bug, I would just like to have the security lock stopped
I am getting a black foam substance that comes out the a/c vents and defrost vents..any idea, thank you jane tyler
Coming home from an errand I drove the car onto the driveway. Stopped while garage door is opening. Put the car into first gear, drove into the garage and stopped. Now I can't get it out of 1st gear. This never happened before. Clutch was replaced 12,000 miles ago.
i have 2 vw beatles i can answer a few questions and i need to know a lot lol i have added detail in my question
Whhow do i get to the plastic piece to the turbo so i can put a clamp on it
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