2000 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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Had a diagnostic scan. Evaluated it was in need of a camshaft sensor.
Within a week i lost my key, had locksmith make one and reprogram my vw and it barely started. Spitted and sputtered 5 miles to get home. I have purchased the sensor.
there are 5 wires besides the 3 fuses. The 5th wire on the right is no where to be found. What if it is needed-does tht wire relate to? Im having problems w/my a/c and wondering if that has anything to do with it.
Paid mechanic over a $1000 to replace air sensor and very little other things because my check engine light won't stay off. I'm at my wits end and it's costing me more to try to get the check engine light to stay off then I played for car. Any suggestions?
running lights work, at night lights will only work when i pull dimmer switch to me
my beetle keeps clicking like its releasing the trunk lid over and over. Figuring its the fuse but i don't know what fuse it is
It doesn't feel like it's switching into the higher gears.
I want to replace the engie
Ok I'm having trouble putting my car in any gear. It started when I was driving and I went to shift gear and the gear stick came straight up. So I tighten it back up and the next time I went to drive the car it went to first and second I went to down sift and it whould not go to any gear . I finally got it to first and that's it no outher gear so please can you help me . I have called and ask everyone and no answer please help me
There's a leak near the coolant
work as A direct swap ?
Ticking noise oil light came on check the oil was ok
There's a hole in the oil cooler of this 2000 VW Beetle and I think I've found the part online but how much would it cost roughly to have it replaced at a shop? I can't seem to find out through the repair estimate tool. Thanks!
replaced starter, new battery, new speed sensor. After sitting 2 days, car has to be jump started. Maybe needs alternator or coil or a relay?
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