1998 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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I keep filling the water reservoir in my Beetle, but can't find a leak. I'm talking about the small round water/ and or coolant reservoir. Thank you
Air conditioner not working after adding Freon to 1998 VW Beetle
My question is why did the original radio stop working saying " safe" and showing a variety of 4 digit numbers?
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
I am on a limited budget and can't afford and site that even costs me a dollar
I replaced my waterpump timing belt and thermostat and my 1998 vw beetle is overheating. My question is why is it overheating.
Does not work at all!
The car starts when I add ether, but just for a few seconds after it just shuts off.
replaced fuel pump/filter is good 'fuel gets to regulator. replaced battery 'tyurns over strong but wont fire off...HELP PLEASE
It just started and it was starting to over heat when i parked it
Runs on all 4 cylinders starts quick runs for about 15 seconds then dies.repeats itself every time you restart it
my beetle was siting for about a year in my garage but now that I put on new spark plugs and new batteries it starts but not for long, I start the car but in a few moments the car stops ruining. I started the car again now it only cranks what do I do can anyone help me?
My drivers/passenger door cylinders quit working and I replaced them. That left me with three keys for my car: d/p door key, trunk key, and ignition key. Now the the driver's door actuator (I think) has failed as that door can not be locked but the key will still turn the cylinder and lock the other door. That's primarily why I want to go to a fob that can unlock all three doors. How do I do that?
This is a 5-speed manual.
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