1998 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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I removed my vacuum lines on my 98 vw beetle and I forgot which goes where. I tried looking for a diagram but I’ve had no luck.
The car will start and turnover rev up and then put put put then stops
I changed bulbs still flashing rapidly inside.
When I start my car check engine light is on and nothing seems to wrong seems to run fine then about a week ago I noticed my temperature symbol came up and it didn't start to worry me till it was blinking red usually when I first start it the blue temperature symbol stays on till I drive a couple miles and goes off it's not going off and my car isn't leaking any fluids from the radiator?
Headlights keep popping out. And how do I line them up so I can see
Found the cord hanging underneath.
Only when running, oil leak from a hard line on bottom, front, driver's side of engine compartment. Pretty sure it's oil (right?). There are a pair of lines there and they're located on inner, front side of plastic shield/wheel well "guard". What is it exactly? Oil line? Does it have a more specific name? It's a pin hole leak. Would any type of leak stop product work?
I keep filling the water reservoir in my Beetle, but can't find a leak. I'm talking about the small round water/ and or coolant reservoir. Thank you
Air conditioner not working after adding Freon to 1998 VW Beetle
My question is why did the original radio stop working saying " safe" and showing a variety of 4 digit numbers?
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
I am on a limited budget and can't afford and site that even costs me a dollar
I replaced my waterpump timing belt and thermostat and my 1998 vw beetle is overheating. My question is why is it overheating.
Does not work at all!
The car starts when I add ether, but just for a few seconds after it just shuts off.
replaced fuel pump/filter is good 'fuel gets to regulator. replaced battery 'tyurns over strong but wont fire off...HELP PLEASE
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