Q: Vibration on driver side on 1997 Dodge Dakota

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Just replace brake pads, rotors, sway bar, and ball joints and there is a vibration on driver side when accelerating and when i brake the vibration goes away.
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Rotate your tires front to rear. Cross Left front to right rear and right front to left rear. Install both rear tires to the front on the same side. Try this first. If the vibration is gone, have your tires balanced and check for bent wheels. Also keep in mind that the tire itself could have ply separation which is not visable.
i rotated my tires, just like you said and looked for bent wheels. but i still have the vibration when accelerating, and its the worst when turning.
Is your vibrating sporatic or constant? I have a 1998 dakota and I'm experiencing the same issues but it only starts after driving a few blocks and its sporatic. Hitting the gas or brake does not make it start or stop. Recently replaced rack/pinion, tire rod ends, upped/lower ball joints, new tires and balanced and aligned. Its frustrating the hell out of me.