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Q: vibration/ front end shake on 2010 Hyundai Accent

since day one of purchase, steering wheel shakes,especially at highway speeds of 60 to 80mph. Have not hit any potholes or impacted any objects. Had vehicle to dealer twice. They"balance tires" but problem still exist. frusrated with only 16k miles.
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Try getting them to rotate the tires from front to rear and have the rear tires balanced see if the problem goes away. On old cars we used to have to mount the tires,true the tire (make sure it is flat on the the thread surface using a "trueing machine" that has a blade and cuts the tire when it is spinning then we would balance the tires. Only an old guy would remember that. If they have another Hyundia that doesn't "shake" see if they would swop tires for a short test drive to prove it is or is not the tires.
Along the same lines as what Patrick is saying - many shops today (dealers included - I just bought a second one of these...) are investing in "Road Force" wheel balancers that take a conventional dynamic wheel balance and simulate road pressure on the tire to find good and bad spots. Often times you may need to "re-index" the tire - that is break the tire down, and move it on the rim to a new spot. This can help with out of balance issues. Further, if there are excessive issues, it can help with a tire warranty claim.

Check to see if your dealer has this balancer or at least access to one.
it is definitely a balancing problem. take it to a different shop and don't static balance them if that is what you are doing. you may even have a bent rim or broken belt in the tire but usually you would feel that at lower speeds. I would try to balance them one more time and if it still is a problem then rotate the tires and see if the vibration moves more into the seat. If that happens then you know it is from one of the original front tires/rims. At that point you need to figure out if it is a bad tire or a bad rim. It's really a simple fix but if the shop you took it to hasn't calibrated their balancer in a while, then they may have balanced the tires incorrectly.
Same problem with my 2010. I am beyond frustration! I have tried many of the conventional things listed. The car still vibrates(steering wheel) and speeds between 70-80mph. I put new tires on at 20,000. Michelin tires! I am ready to snap! Tires are balanced, car is in alignment, no bent rims. I am ready to take the car and drive it into the dealership and discount tire. I have never had these many issues with the vibration in a steering wheel of a car. I love the car! I hate the vibration! I drive 100 daily. It is like torture. It now has 57,000 miles. Thus, the new tires have 37,000. My next car will not be a Hyundai. I hope to find the answer. I empathize with you. I just do not have the answers.
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