Q: vibration - changed motor mounts - continued problems on 2001 Honda Civic

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I drove across country this fall. In MI, started to vibrate heavily in reverse. Mechanic replaced broken motor mount on driver's side. Reverse OK, but still vibrates. In OR before xmas, replaced broken front motor mount. Still vibrates. Diagnostic specialist now says that mechanic in MI replaced driver's side motor mount with the wrong kind... motor mount needs second bracket that acts as shock absorber. The single bracket one holds motor too tightly and transfer engine vibration through the car. He discovered this by jacking motor up so didn't rest on that motor mount. Did the same thing with the other three - says those are fine. Cost for replacing the drivers side motor mount with more expensive double bracket mount is $240, on top of $150 I already spent in MI. Ouch! Options?
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There is no substitute for fixing a vehicle correctly the first time. It is a shame that you had to spend the money on an incorrect mount. I would make the new mechanic give you a money back guarantee that this is really going to fix the problem.
Thanks for the advice on guarantee. Are you saying that the car definitely needs the double bracket motor mount?
Mine is doing the same thing only mine is right side lower mount. Each side has two mounts the upper rest on lower cushion mount. Just looking you can't see problem. Simple fix you tube it.