Q: Versa ran fine yesterday. Today, nothing. on 2011 Nissan Versa

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Son-in-law jumped me off (Ford F-150), cranked right up and I let car idle 15-20 minutes. Asked wife to go out and cut it off. She did and tried to re-crank, nothing. She has Honda and tried to jump, Versa would barely turn over but would never crank. Took battery to Advance Auto, battery is fine (13.1).

Came home, re-installed battery, now all I get is continuous clicking when key is turned. All fuses at bsttery terminal are intact. This would be the starter, correct? Cannot find anything on web on how to change starter in this type of vehicle. I've changed starters in other cars.
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That doesn't sound like a starter. Sounds to me like a bad connection at the battery cable ends. I'd have to have it here to test it. We specialize in electrical work and we can fix your Versa. Our number is 643-2559, ask to speak to James. Thanks!
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