Q: Vehicle Rejection Notice, Excessive Unreadiness? Can I just change the PCM? on 2001 Dodge Neon

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An Emissions repair shop charges me $330 for a guarantee to pass job, which I can't afford. I'm a mechanic my self, do not certified nor specialize in emissions, but this particular car has me in check engine. Now I do the on-off ignition switch self diagnose and I'm getting; "Cruise Set Door Trip 88888.8". I'm going to take the "Certified Emissions Inspector" course, ASAP, But in the mean time I really need help with my car. I'm thinking of getting a PCM from the pull-it yourself junk yard, for about $15-$20 bucks. But I don't know if the ADEQ will accept that and allow me to return to tha emissions station. So far I haven't been able to reach anyone at the ADEQ by phone.
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