Q: Vehicle Jerks at 30 mph and 60 mph on 2005 Ford F-150

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My vehicle jerks when going 30 mph or less and usually around 60 mph or going up an incline. It does not jerk at interstate speeds.

When I let up off the accelarator, the jerking ceases.

(2) Answers
It could be one of these: Coil pack, spark plug, and spark plug wires. My check engine light came on after two weeks of jerking. I had the same problem, my cylinder 6 was misfiring and it was doing the same thing u mentioned. I had to change the coil pack and the spark plug and the connectors. it cost me around $170 for the material and to repair. And also if you take it to the service place they might say its the clutch(If you have manual transmission) or your flywheel. Don't listen to them!! they are trying to make money off of you. You should go to a Auto zone and ask them if they could check your check engine light, they should do it for free. Just tell them your light comes on occasionally even if it doesn't. They will plug in a connector and see if there is a misfire. If there is thats your problem!!!
This sounds like an engine misfire, but there are other possibilities as well. Do you have any warning lights on? Check engine light?
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