Q: Vehicle is not engaging starter, when keys in ingition, worn out clutch sensor on 1994 Honda Civic

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In the vehicle, i step out for 30 minutes, of course turned off, I get back in to start. I notice that a blue fragmented rubber is under clutch pedal. I check and sensor below dash is now with a disentegrated clutch piece, so i replace with small coin and tape. I figure fine, but car will not start... Is there a fuse for the clutch? Seem like car is needing the engagement of the clutch to start., I also tried a "jump" from an other vehicle. Well car got towed home. Thanks for your assistance
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There may be two sensors by the clutch pedal if the vehicle has cruise control, take one more look. You can jump the connector with a paper click to test the sensor wire integrity. There is no clutch fuse but there is a starter siganl fuse, usually a 7.5 amps located under the dash.

Is the car makes no noise at all.... suspect battery, battery connections, ignition key cylinder, (alara if it has one) clutch switch, or starter motor.

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