Q: vehicle died out now nothing happens when i turn the key. no gauges no codes on 2005 Jeep Wrangler

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driving home from work ,had to get towed home
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if by everything else you mean lights,radio. yes, but no gauges and engine won't turn over.
At this point it's not likely I can do you any good by guessing at your trouble. Suggest letting a mechanic check it out hands-on. Those days of diy auto repair have passed! Maybe someone else can help.
Sure thing, was hoping for maybe an alternator or similar problem. It's just to many possibilities. Maybe check ALL fuses especially the maxi fuses.
Try shaking the shifter while starting the vehicle. Also, try this in neutral position as well. Possibly sounds like the neutral position safety switch may have failed. When they go, you turn the key and lights and radio will come on but, when you try to start the vehicle you won't even hear a single click noise.
Thanks guys, believe it or not I have tried all this. When this happened I was cruising at 50mph, then the engine died I went into neutral restarted a couple of times. The engine would start up and rev up and die right out. Then nothing, this is what made me think it was the crank sensor.
That may have been the first problem you had and now you have another, the starter curcuit. This one might have to go to the shop.
No power to gauges and such I would start by check all fuses both under the dash and the engine compartment. Could be in the ignition switch but the fact that it died I would think you blew an ignition fuse