Q: van won't start it has compression,Spark,fuel pressure. on 1990 Mazda MPV

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But, no fuel is getting to the fuel injectors. Fuel injectors test ok, as well. Computer checks good Distributer has been changed, New coil, new ignition wires, New ignition switch.
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Ok lets look at what we should have, proper fire, fresh gas, proper on time compression, clear exhaust path.
If all of this is correct, start car and drive away! That is it.
Presure is ok at 35psi. If checked at fuel rail. Did you check injector pulse with noid light?
After reading a bit more i see you should know all of the above. So all i can do is wish you good luck.
Let us know what you find out. I guess Oldwrench should have been a clue!
Sorry, thought it was just another car owner.
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