Q: van will not start on 1996 Dodge Caravan

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the van will not start. it makes one click then all power is lost. I wiggle the neg. battery cables and power returns. How can i get it to start?
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Sounds like you have excessive resistance built up in the cables - from either being loose or having excessive corrosion. The cable end could also have a crack in it, keeping it from being secured fully.

Loosen the bolt on the cables with a wrench and remove them from the battery (negative first, then positive). Inspect closely and make sure there is no damage. Clean the cables and battery terminals. Reinstall positive first, tighten down, then negative, tighten down. If they do not secure fully, you may need to replace the affected cable, or at the very least the cable end (not a great permanent repair, but ok for temporary use).

Try that first; you should also make sure the other end of the cables are secured entirely too.
I had the same problem on my van so I had the cables replaced, replaced the battery at Costco Wholesale ( because they have the best prices and warranties). Now it runs great
with just a few more adjustments I need to have done on the locks and dash board lights.