Q: van died,replaced fuelpump&filter.ran all day then died again. on 1991 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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thought it might be a bad part,replaced again,started ran.shut it off started it again ran for a couple minutes, then died again.fuels getting to the carb,yet it seems like its starving for fuel.
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If it has fuel, yet will not run, you will need to find out what is missing... spark, timing, compression, or air.
That vehicle should be fuel injected, so it does not have a carb.
How do you know it is getting fuel?.
You should be able to see fuel spraying into the engine when the engine is cranking over.
First off,I want to thank you for responding to my ?.Also i did'nt realize i had wrote carb,my bad.
I have since asking my ? found the problem.My Fuel pressure regulater was shot.And if it helps anyone
else,it's not a part you can get from the auto parts store.It'a Dealership or Boneyard.

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