Q: van died while driving on 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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My van 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3L, died while driving, speedometer go down suddenly and motor died. I check signals for injectors, crank sensor, Cam sensor, pump gas, and all ok, I replaced the computer (PCM) and the solenoid module transmission and the problem continued. I test the van with park position for more of 30 minutes and don’t fail. Only while driving for 5 miles ail and then wait for a 1 hour and the van works again another 5 miles and so. Is a problem because I don’t know if will stoped on street traffic quiet or on highway traffic heavy. Please give me directions for this problem. Note. My scanner was displayed several codes, initially problems with gear 2 to 3, then Thanks.
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It would've been helpful for you to have stated what the diagnostic codes were and if the check engine light was on.
My guess is that your automatic shutdown relay (ASD) is failing or the fuel pump is failing. If the fuel pressure is good when the engine has stalled, it's not the fuel pump or ASD relay but something else.
If you want to find a Plymouth specialist, here's our directory link for you:
Thanks Superbob,Times ago dont put hands on my van, due my work. but will consider your comments in these days. Thanks very much again Superbob.
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