Q: valve lifters for 1994 lexus es300 on 1994 Lexus ES300

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I am hearing a noise when my rpm gage gets to the two when i am pushing the gas a mechanic told me that it is the valve lifter can it be a different problem?
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Can you hear the noise coming from under the valve cover? Does the ticking get faster or even louder the faster the engine revs? How does the oil look?

Your lifter are hydraulic so there is no adjustment necessary. You might even try an engine flush and then a fresh oil change. A lifter may be sticking depending on how many miles you have the engine and a good flush may loosen it up. Good luck.
Yes i can hear it coming from the valve cover. I only hear the ticking when it hits the two on the rpm gage when it's under the two or past two and a half i dont here it.However, when the car is in park and I push the accelerator the noise does get louder. The oil is past needing to be changed but it is not super black or any thing.
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You could buy a can of engine flush that you pour right into the engine and run for several minutes. That might unstick the lifter and then you could just get an oil change.
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