Mercedes-Benz C230 Problems

Valve Guides May Wear in Higher Mileage Vehicles on Mercedes-Benz C230

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Valve guides tend to wear in higher mileage cars, which causes compression loss in the engine. This leads to a loss in fuel economy or performance. Replacing the guides, which requires cylinder head removal, may solve the problem or a new cylinder head may be needed.

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Mercedes-Benz C230 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 81,625 (60,000–122,000)
3 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005
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I am the original owner of a 2003 C230 Kompressor with 65,000 miles. For the past month the check engine light occasionally came on and off, and when the light was on, the engine felt like it had a miss, and very rough idle. I took it to my MB dealer. After doing some tests, they determined the light was coming on because of low compression in one cylinder, and was cylinder head related. The cylinder head had to come off to determine exactly where the problem was coming from. The machine shop determined the lower compression was caused by worn valve guides. With 65,000 miles WTF?!? I have yet to fix it, so far my MB dealer has quoted me a price of 5,500 to 6,800 again WTF, the trade in value (Kelly Blue Book) is only 8,000. I have made numerous calls to MB hoping to get some help with this problem. So far they are trying to blame this on me…. I know how to change oil…
We have taken more every precaution to assure our vehicle care, maintenance, and condition is always top notched, no cost spared. With that said now our 4th cylinder is misfiring. Really!! The maintenance on this vehicle has more than paid for several vehicles. I am really upset and disappointed in this new problem. It is very, very expensive and at this time in our life (40 and 50 something) I am not sure if it is worth it. I love my car mostly because my husband bought it for me as a gift. I really think I will be parking her and purchasing a new vehicle. This appears to be a never stopping long line of issues we have had to deal with since purchasing this car. MB I see now why you stopped making the C230 Kompressor sport it looks nice, drive like a dream (when not in the shop) but you must be losing customers in all your product lines. I feel we paid top dollar for a brand new lemon. Also, it explains your lower cost line I have been noticing. Sorry to say we will be also leaving MB as our preferred vehicle manufacturer. I won't be able to recommend the MB line to friends, family, or clients.
misfire low compression in cylinder #2.....the valve guide needed replaced....are you kidding me a mercedes with only 70,000
thousands to fix....never will I ever buy another mercedes .....they dont stand behind their why should I....only give you 50,000 warranty or 5 years...really chevy and honda give 100,000
Check engine light came on, took to MB dealer and they told me that it had low compression in one cylinder and needs valve job. I have babied this care and done all regular maintenance. If Mercedes won't stand behind their cars and rectify this issue then I will make sure that I tell everyone not to buy MB cars. 71k miles is ridiculous for a major engine component to wear out on a "German Engineered" car.
the same as you said i change my oil every 7500 miles i paid mercedes benz 7800 to fix my engine 2004 c230 sport i got new all hwy miles i had it fix then spend 40000 on a new car
Car outputs bluish smoke on start after sitting overnight. Goes away until 10 to 14 hours later of sitting.