Q: vacume lines on 1993 Ford E-150

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On the side of the butterfly valve air intake housing there is a short vacuum line. It comes from a small outlet that is located center on the side of the housing. After removing the housing to replace the gasket I am not able to find where this hose connects. It is connected to the housing I need to know where the other end connects. Engine runs but if I put my finger over the end of the hose it will kill the engine. The engine seems to run fast and does not idle down after it warms up a little. Also now my check engine light comes on and I am assuming that is because that vacuum line is not connected. Any help finding where the hose connects would be great, Thanks! A picture or a vacuum line diagram of the connections would be helpful if any one has one.
(2) Answers
There should be a vacuum line diagram under the hood - either on the hood itself or on the bottom side on one of the plastic panels at the front of the compartment.

Alternatively, you could obtain access to ALLDATA or Mitchell repair manuals online -

Either one should provide all the information you need (and more) at a modest cost.

Looking at the diagrams myself, it's hard to tell which one you are trying to place. Another option would be to try a local shop or dealer who could answer this question by looking visually...probably under 30 seconds! Good luck.