Q: Using oil and has a vacuum suction during idle where I add oil. on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

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40,000 miles, Dodge Laramie, no smoking, no loss of power, but using 1 qt of oil every 800 miles. During Idle I noticed it now has a vacuum suction where you add oil. I can place a piece of paper over the engine oil add hole and it will almost suck the paper down into the engine. Is this a intake manifold gasket problem or worse? Have had this truck for three months, it looked brand new, could still see the numbers underneath, very well kept. Under the hood was clean, no oil in tailpipe and runs great, have only put 3,400 miles on it so far.
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It aint breathing, pcv is working great but the engine breather not so good!
Tat is all i got.
Had my uncle, that used to rebuild engines, take a look at it as I was stumped. He immediately noticed the vacuum, and showed me suction associated with the air filter on top as well. He did say the pcv was not bad, but told me intake manifold gasket was prob blown. I've never owed a Dodge, so didn't know anything about them, I was just in awe when I saw the immaculate condition of the truck, and didn't ask questions. It did, however, loose oil pressure going up a hill last week, thought that might have been when the gasket blew.