Q: uses too much fuel on 1996 Toyota Tacoma

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my 1996 tacoma uses way too much fuel , this truck is very well taken care of , best wires ,best plugs ,best oil & filters ,and 89 oct fuel. don
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How much fuel is too much? How old are your Air Fuel Ratio and Oxygen Sensors? How old is your Mass Air Flow Sensor? What is your Fuel Trim ? (this is how rich or lean your motor is running ) a good generic scan tool will show this. It should be with in 1-2 % of zero either plus or minus.
These things need to be known so that you can determine if the truck is wasting fuel. You should also check the Emissions, to see how clean it is on the dyno. A good Smog Inspection would do this. Also, check the base timing and total advance, it must be within spec.
every thing is with in spec's and it passed the smog check with flying colors , and you could eat off of my engine to boot. any way , the other day i traveled 22 miles on the 405 frwy, and eat up 3.5 gallons , i should have eaten only 1.5 to 2 gallons max. don
i've had this truck checked with a o-b2 unit and no bad codes , yes i'm a engine builder too at foreign unlimited in long beach ca.
hi, it's don , i've used 87 to 91 oct , and no real difference in mileage, i've since put back to old bosch ox sensers and it has in proved on start up and fuel use .i found that using new denso ox sensers caused more problems .hard starting after i would drive some where , park a while then try to restart my truck and gas mileage has gone up just a little too. i've had this truck scand sometimes it's getting stupid . don
you need to burn 93 or put octane booster in tank do the test 1 tank of 93 check miles 1 tank of 87 check miles you will see th problem