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Question Asked: anti freeze leak
March 17, 2010, 04:54 AM
This is my first car and i had only had it about 3 weeks,i only use it to go to work and back and taking my boyfreind to work, about 2 miles a day, the low coolant light came onon wednesday, thursday when i was done work i bought the right antifreeze but i couldnt get the lid off the radiater ( yes i waited till it was cold ) the next day after work i was planning on putting it in when i got home and it had cooled off, instead me and my boyfreind went to the next town over and got dinner which is where the problem starts, ended up not making my turn and ended up 20 miles away from where i wanted and then the car overheated with steam coming out of the hood like crazy, let it cool off an hour luckily i had the antifreeze in my trunk and we made it home ok, now i have a leak, it makes it to work and back ok but anything more and it starts to steam, sunday my battery died and we couldnt jump it because it was really dead and the battery is hard to get too, the mechanic who put it in said i needed a tune up wich im aware of, and that my intake gasket is broken or leaking or something, basically i need a new one, the car made it home ok but now when i start it right when i put it into drive it shuts off on me, how much damage has been done? what do i need fixed immediatly and what can wait a bit? i get paid everyother week so i can only do about 500$ of repairs at a time and do any mechanics have payment plans?
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Car Review: 1992 Chevrolet Lumina
March 17, 2010, 04:37 AM
Love it!!! Makes it out of lights faster then even the new little sports cars, big and roomy i dont like driving other cars i feel traped in and closterphobic, big and wide but drives and turns like a small car, some basic repairs due to age and milage but in the long run hes a tank !!!
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