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Question Asked: AC Switch/Temperature Control Module
September 09, 2009, 07:36 PM
I have a major problem that my mechanic cannot figure out and I thought I would post this here. I'm on my 3rd Temp Control Module in 6 months. This is behind the dash and it controls the AC/HEAT and FAN switches. March 2009 was my first dashboard fire. Fixed by mechanic for $375.00. July 2009 AC switch began to ARC and melted the plug and wires. Car has been in the shop off and on since August 7 and today (Sept 9) a third module was installed and declared FIXED and it's not. While driving, the AC switch will turn itself on and off rapidly causing the compressor to make the engine miss heavily. Wiring has been heavily traced and switches replaced, but this doesn't fix the problem. Any suggestions anyone??? I LOVE MY CAR!! Nothing else is wrong with this beautiful Beetle!
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Car Review: 1999 Volkswagen Beetle
September 09, 2009, 07:29 PM
I bought this little cutie used from a dealer and I love my 99 VW Beetle! It had 90,000 miles on it and now has 125,000 and still going. Gas mileage is GREAT and constant. My only problem is a nagging brake light that I just found out is under a recall. (Thanks Repair Pal!) and I've had one dashboard fire behind the AC and FAN switches. Look out for this problem. I'm on my third Temperature Control Module and they like to ARC and smoke out... or FLAME out as mine did. Makes the AC turn itself on and off without you touching the switch! They cannot find the cause of this "ghost in the machine" type problem... but other than that... she's a beauty to drive and use. I'm hoping they can remedy this because I've never enjoyed a car so much as this one! She's called "Blue Eyes" and she's Ocean Blue!
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