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Question Asked: The hand brake lite is on.
March 22, 2015, 05:55 PM
Brake lever is down. Tapping it down further does not turn it off. Somtime later it will go off. Once in a while it will come back on while driving. This is the SAME PT Cruiser that has the random horn beeping while driving. Some days MORE than others! Also it has the door lock locking and unlocking problem as you are driving down the road. They never have locked in start up driving for over 3 years now. They simply lock or unlock whenever they WANT to. We have been plagued with this problem(s). First the nonlocking locks at inital start up. Then the locking and unlocking whenever they want. Next came the horn beeping at random. The Horn Works like it's suppose to when pushed. The horn cover doesn't seem warped or in disarray either as someone has suggested. I had to inspect the car the other day for license renewal. I installed the fuse and thank God it did not act up!!! On the way from the inspection garage when I stepped on the brake pedal it honked. Not every time but on the way back to my shop it honked the 3 beep, beep, beep it likes to do. Until I jerked out the darned fuse again! Still the hand brake light comes on randomly. I have had the ECU reflashed. Then I bought a reflashed one from Orielly. Had to trade in the original ECU. Has not fixed the problem. Again I took apart the fuse/ relay box checking for shorts. Nada. Everything did not look damaged or burnt or corroded. Now what? I am a MASON. I need a little light here! Surely with several other's reporting similar problems someone has found out the PT's problem. Anyone near Branson, Mo, want to tackel it? For a fair price? Car has 140,000 miles on it now. If you look back at my earlier Questions on here you'll see exactly what I have done on this car to keep it going. Again I own an auto restoration shop. I have no wiring diagrams on this model. If someome could mail me and large easy to read copy I would appreciate it. Maybe I could trace trouble shoot that way. I taught electricity and electronics years ago. I have wired ALL of my homes and hot rods w/o any problems. I THINK we probably need some diodes in these circuits someplace!!! I just keep hoping that someone has found where to check first as it has happened to many others I am reading. A LOT of guessers trying to be helpful but that only confuses the issues at hand. Any shops out there with the answer at hand? A very readable wiring diagram? Or anyone with a found solution. I am also wondering if the ECU is growing hair traces in the circuitry? Sorry for the length of this Question! But feel it is completely necessary to get all of the information out there for some of you GURUS!!!!! Thanks Joe in Mo.
Question Asked: Horn likes to honk when ever it likes.
July 25, 2014, 11:25 PM
This is very embarrasing for my wife (her car). At stop lights and when someone is stopped in front of her. Horn BEEPS quickly. Sometimes will honk three times in succession. Sometimes we have a nonhonk day of driving!!! Other days about 15 honks just in the short times we drive it. Our car has 230,000 miles on it. W/O a lot of maintenance. We have replaced the timing belt upgrade at 110,000 miles, new belts then too, rebuilt the complete front suspension about 40,000 miles ago, complete valve job done 50,000 miles back. Couple of dash bulbs, taillite and headlite bulbs but that's it. It is my wife's baby and we are kind of committed to keeping it going if possible as we have her father in a care facility and the $$ for a new car just is not there. thanks for any real help. I have also replaced the fan assembly twice for the radiator. And replaced the CPU a couple of months back from Orielly Auto but did not correct this situation. Also the relays.
Question Asked: Door locks will lock on their own time or sometimes not at all.
July 25, 2014, 11:13 PM
Been this way for a year now or more. Sometimes they will unlock while driving also. No codes shown.
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