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Question Asked: Shifting issues when at operating temperature
June 06, 2010, 09:03 AM
My 99 Acura CL 3.0 MIL came on and read a P0740, which read that the TCC shift solenoid sensor was malfunctioning. I replaced the solenoid sensor and reset the MIL.The light never came back on, but the shift problem persists. When the car is first started or not at operating temperature yet, it shifts like a dream. When you reach operating temperature, the vehicle shifts VERY hard. It BANGS into reverse and first when shifting manually,and If you put it into drive4, it will not move.Only accelleration is the RPM's redlining. I've been starting the car,putting it into first and waiting to feel the bang or "jerk" to depress the throttle pedal. I run it through first gear to 3500-4000 RPM, then pull my foot off the pedal before shifting into second.Then,when I feel the "jerk" I know I'm in second gear and can step on the throttle again. Once in second,I shift manually and from there the car pretty much shifts normal.I mean, I can pretty much drive in drive4 and the car shifts up and down like it should, with no slipping. Other than that the car is perfect!I can't figure for the life of me why this only happens while at operating temperature?Could it be a short? the PCM? the wiring? another sensor or solenoid that I missed? Could it be something with the TCC when it gets hot? Somebody out there please help me,as I am at my wits end with this diagnosing issue.PLEASE HELP!!! I DO NOT WANNA BRING THIS THING TO THE STEALERSHIP!!! THANK YOU!!!
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Comment: P0740 - OBD-II Trouble Code
June 17, 2010, 09:20 PM
Thank you!!! This has been the most helpful,thorough, and professional information I have recieved after 3 weeks of research on the trouble code. Just wanted to show my appreciation and give credit where credit is due. You are a true professional... and that's coming from tech to tech! THANK YOU!!!