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Question Asked: Headlights & interior lights flickering and door locks unlock/lock on own..
February 18, 2009, 12:56 PM
I have a '01 Monte with 73,500 miles on it and the dash interior lights flicker along with the headlights after the security light on the dash starts flickering on and off. Sometimes the light will stay on steady but it will still have the same problems. Also sometimes too, the power door locks will lock and unlock on their own while I'm operating the vehicle. I'm not 100% sure if a fuse/relay has gone bad or if there is a short circuit or if its the BCM (Body Control Module). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Question Answered: heater blower
February 01, 2010, 07:52 AM
I have a 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and I have the same issue! I would say it is either the coolant temperature sensor or the thermostat! Reason why I'm not 100% sure on which one caused the problem, I did them both since they were next to each other on the motor and it took care of the problem! :) Hope this helps you!
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Car Review: 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
February 18, 2009, 12:41 PM
Bought this '01 Monte Carlo LS 3.4L V6 in mid-Oct 2008 with 64,000 miles on it. Car ran great when I purchased it, but shortly after I decided to do some tuneup work on the car is when the problems started happening... I first changed the oil and oil filter, air filter and had no problems there. Then I decided to change the belts and hoses and flush the cooling system...that's where the first major issue happened. After flushing the cooling system, I didn't change the thermostat because it seemed to be working ok but after flushing it about 1,000 miles later, my temperature gauge stop working. I then decided to change the thermostat and the coolant temperature sensor since they were next to each other. Pretty crazy just to replace one if I wasn't sure of the problem. Well, that took care of that problem...until the heater & a/c stopped working when it was below freezing!!! Checked fuses and relays and it wasn't that...wasn't the motor either...ended up being the blower motor resistor....another stupid part burnt up!! After that I noticed that my car was running lean after pulling the plugs out to check them. Wasn't sure what was causing it but later but figured out that it might've been the whole cooling system thing that caused it....which somehow screwed up the catalytic converter which needed to be replaced too because somehow one day, the car was unable to drive because it was loud and horrible sounding!! After changing the converter, it took care of that, all worked great until the coolant level sensor went out. Still haven't replaced it...not a big deal to me. Car isn't leaking coolant and it's full. Changed the spark plugs and wires and all of that is fine...but now about 10,000 miles later, I'm having an issue with the security light on my dash flickering and the door locks locking and unlocking on their own and the headlights and interior lights flickering. It's becoming a pain right now! From what I hear this is another common occurence on these cars... Heard the problem is the BCM aka Body Control Module. Haven't replaced it yet but will soon! Good thing I know how to work on cars otherwise all of this would've costed me a fortune at a garage! Other issue that I have with the vehicle is the clunking and rattling sound in the steering column/shaft...It's coming from the intermediate shaft...again, another common issue with most GM cars.. Haven't replaced it yet or greased the shaft yet. You can still drive around the way it is until it just gets to you too much to the point you need to replace it. One last thing that I'll need to replace sometime in the next 25,000-50,000 will be the gaskets on the intake and possible head gasket... Again, another common issue on most GM vehicles from 2000-2005..they used these really crappy gaskets that are paper thin and don't last long! Beyond all of that that I have mentioned... I guess you could say its a good This is the first car that I've dropped this much money in in less than 25,000 miles worth of ownership... I sure do miss my old Buick!!
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